Blogger v Opera

I’ve been blogging on Opera for about a year and a half. And Opera is a good platform to blog from! Very customisable, easy to use, 300mbs of space, and Photo Albums. But….it doesn’t have Javascript capability – and I want it. For Google Adsense for starters – I get a few hundred visits a day. If that equated to just $100 a year then that would be motivation to blog elsewhere…

Blogger does let you use java, and not just for adsense, but for any other little widgets you come across. There are some really useful ones out there, and for months I’ve had to just pass them by. Not anymore. I’ve started a Blogger blog and am transferring my posts to it. I’m not abandoning Opera yet….I’ll run them side by side to see if my Blogger blog takes off. If it does… :yikes:



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