Rules of the road are a-changing..

Mexico City isn’t really the nicest place to drive. There’s plenty of crashes, more deaths than you’d want, and enforcement of the law is somewhat lacking. It’s not that the police won’t stop you. They will! It’s not that they won’t punish you. They’ll do that to! An instant bribe, straight into their pockets!

But there are new rules! Not just fines but they’ve introduced a points system – 12 of them and your license is gone for three years.

And for the next 100 days traffic police are going to be followed discreetly to check they are not taking bribes. Ones who don’t and report offers of bribes will get food vouchers! Citizens can also put stickers on their windows saying ‘I don’t bribe’.

Will it work?! Most people here seem more than just a little sceptical!


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