Consulta Verde

This Sunday the citizens of Mexico City have their chance to say what they think about the pollution and general crap that fills this city. Its a grand government consultation exercise called Consulta Verde, and it has to be said they are really promoting it. Wherever you go, there are posters stuck on walls, leaflets being handed out, advertisement campaigns – even the Metro has specially printed Consulta Verde tickets, as you can see below.

Without a doubt DF has a pollution problem, but as ever Mexicanos are more than a little sceptical as to the governments motives. I can think of three. They have an agenda planned, which will be unpopular, so a little public consultation now will help shift the blame later – “We’re just doing what the people asked us to!”. Or maybe it is nothing more than a PR exercise. But possibly, just possibly, it’s a genuine effort to start changing the environment in the city for the better. Which one do you like? Don’t be surprised if it is a combination of all three though.

How much environmental damage was done by the promo campaign, one wonders!

The biggest problems are the road traffic emissions and the geography of the city. My solution would be to ban all the old green VW Beetle taxis and battered microbuses, and knock down one of the mountains to the east of the city to let the bad air out. Neither are terribly realistic. Let’s hope that someone comes up with a better idea.

It would also be nice if they could pedestrianise the Zocalo and a few surrounding streets, introduce a Congestion charge, ala London, and get more people onto the Metro. Which is an excellent system. Except for last Friday when Linea 2 broke down for several hours, forcing me to abandon my (usually) 20 minute train ride in favour of a 3 hour bus ride home.

Anyway, let’s hope this project works. Or at least works better than their website, which they haven’t quite gotten round to uploading yet…



2 thoughts on “Consulta Verde

  1. DonYan says:

    Like it´s a smoke screen to hide the fact that NOBODY wants the damned tower for the rich & wealthy, while they finish Tepito´s culture (counter culture?) & historic buildings.

    México city, and the whole country have more pressing problems. We practically are in the midle of a non-declared civil war…


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