What is it with ‘social networking’ these days? Everytime I turn on my PC in the morning I’m confronted with yet another ‘must have’ shiny new network that’s going to change my life. And very rarely is it any such thing. In recent times only divShare and Facebook have really got my interest. Both of which I now couldn’t do without. Ok, maybe I could, but I don’t want to! I’m keeping them! Facebook just has a new killer app everyday it seems. Today’s was Picnik, an uber cool online photo editor. No, I won’t be deleting Photoshop from my PC, but it’s not always my PC I’m using, and therein lies the trick.

A recent addition is Pownce. It’s a little like Twitter, but with more features, a nicer UI, real talent in the development team and generally much less naff. It’s such a recent addition you can’t even just sign up yet. You need an invitation. I have 6 to give away….anyone want one? Leave me a comment and I’ll pass one along. Will I use it much? Probably not, but we’ll see. It has gotten some goodish reviews, and if you are a nethead, you might want to give it a go just for the Adobe AIR app that you can download onto your PC – not so many AIR apps out yet, so might be good for a little sneaky look at tomorrows tech.

By the way, why they call these apps Web 2.0, I just don’t know. As far as I’m concerned, this is Web 3.0 – from a user point of view anyway. Web 1.0 was the origin of the WWW, and all about retrieving information. Web 2.0 was all about sharing data when broadband started to take off, and now Web 3.0, the creating of data. Where next with Web 4.0? Ok, so no one will pay any attention to my tech rants – I’ll have to accept the issue numbers as given. Where next with Web 3.0 then?



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