Peso Problemas

Never work for other people in this country, I tell you! So unreliable, and so prone to not paying up at all if they can help it! Paola was ripped off for a few thousand pesos by the school she worked for last month, and now I am having great trouble getting my pay out of a couple of schools! It’s just as well most of my work is private with students who pay on time!

What’s really cheeky, is that one school, when finally paying me after a couple of weeks of fobbing me off, gave me four checks instead of one – the total of which was little more than half what I was owed. And not only did they give me four checks, but two of them were made out to Paola, knowing full well they can’t be cashed because she is out of the country. So in effect I’ve been given less than a third of my pay! Not that they gave me them directly. The receptionist was called down to the car park to collect the checks from the administrator, who then did the off before I found out what dastradly trick she was pulling and could moan. Not happy….things had better get sorted out next week or they’ll have one less teacher

Incidentally, about the peso, while I’m on the subject. An assumption many people make when they see the sign for the peso ‘$’, is that it was copied from the dollar. Quite the other way round actually. The Mexican Peso with its symbol was actually the official currency of North America as a whole (including Canada as well as the US) before the dollar was first printed.



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