Then and Now

So, I’ve been pretty busy lately. Very busy in fact. Paola is away in Milwaukee and I’ve been working on a surprise for her when she returns. She’s kept on about how she’s like to do a little decorating, and she’s always whinging that we don’t have a TV in our bedroom. Which looks, or should I say looked, a little dull if I’m honest…

So I’ve been at work, and have spared no expense on transforming our little room into a cosy little place to curl up on winter nights! Complete with a brand new Philips 21″ flatscreen TV, which set me back a princley MXN $2,000. Which wasn’t too bad. I have got it set up with my Archos as well, so we can watch videos and TV shows I’ve downloaded.



2 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. DonYan says:

    WoW, now it´s a really colorful environment!

    I have e sugestion: raise the bed height, about finger level when standing beside with hands down. Thats about 65 cm (25″). It´s more confortable, we sleep better and we can use the space below for extra storage, if necessary. (he is a nomad like me, so maletas go there)

    His wife & him have a TV in their room, as I have in mine (mine is the PC & TV comunity room)
    Maybe it is because we munch watching TV…



  2. Gary Denness says:

    Priority number 1, before I raise the bed height…increase the bed width and length! It’s fine now, seeing as Paola is in Milwaukee, but when we both try to fit in it….there’s snug, and then there is cramped!


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