Blogger v Opera Part II

I’ve been playing with my new blogger account for the last week now, and the more I get to know it, the more I like it, and the more limited and quirky MyOpera seems. I’ll publish the link to my Blogger account on MyOpera tomorrow, so you can go have a looky see, if you’re so inclined.

I’m not sure it’s as aesthetic as MyOpera, but it’s so much more versatile, and looks aren’t the be all and end all of it anyway. It doesn’t have photo albums, but hey I have a Flickr Pro account that is massively under utilised! Today for example, I posted about the Franz Mayer museum. On Opera, when I do the post there in a minute, there is the  text and a static photo. On Blogger I was able to embed a flash slideshow stright from the set on Flickr….much better! And quite easy.

If you are wondering how it’s done…click here to find out your Flickr ID, and then copy and paste this code…

<iframe align=center src=http://www.flickr.com/slideShow/index.gne?user_id=12345678@N00&tags=foo frameBorder=0 width=500 scrolling=no height=500></iframe>

Change the red bit into your ID, change ‘foo’ into the name you have tagged your photos, and change the 500’s into the dimensions you want.

I’m doing this post using Windows Live Writer, which is a handy little blog client. It is in Beta, so it’s not the finished product, but it allows me to write a post and publish, one at a time, to both MyOpera and Blogger. But WLW has a few features missing that others have, and I want. Blog import for one. But this client is the only one I can get to recognise Opera, so I’m stuck with it for now.

It works 100% on Blogger, but with Opera, all these annoying &nbsp’s appear which have to be removed. But still, it does mean I can maintain two identical-ish blogs at the same time – have you seen how many Photo Albums I have in Opera? Enough to make the idea of abandoning my blog a horrifying prospect!



One thought on “Blogger v Opera Part II

  1. Jorge Arturo says:

    The top banner of this version looks really nice (better than the opera one), I love that you post a photo from my city!!

    Yo did a great job customizing everything, the flickr photos,

    Because of the two sidebars the main body of your blog looks to crowded, like being pushed by the sides, I like the one side bar only thing that Opera has.

    In general it really looks great, you are great in the design area.


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