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Museo Franz Mayer

Today was the day of the return of Paola, so I had to go from work in the north of the city, to her dad’s and then on to the airport to collect her. Only problem was, I finish work at 9am, and didn’t have to be at her dad’s till 12pm or just after….what to do to kill time?

There was a TEFL teachers day out at the Franz Mayer museum recently, which I missed – I was decorating the bedroom. Seeing as it was on the way to Eddies, I thought I’d stop off at Metro Bellas Artes and go have a looky see. So I did, as you can see from the photos below….

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So who is this Franz Mayer chap, and what’s his museum about, you may ask? Well, you know what, I can tell you, because the museum very kindly prints an English language version of the free info leaflet! That’s a pretty rare occurance in Mexico City.

It appears he was a German, who moved to Mexico in 1905, aged 21, earned an absolute fortune, and started collecting decorative art, including paintings and sculptures, from all around the world. Oh, and he liked photography, sports and cultivating orchids and carnations too.

The building is a 16th century colonial Spanish masterpiece, worthy of a visit in it’s own right. And if you are just there to check out the architecture, entry is free and there’s a nice little coffee shop supplying the courtyard visitors with the hot black stuff.



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