Pressies from Paola!

She eventually made it back home! And needless to say I got a few pressies, apart the usual collection of (much needed!) new socks, boxer shorts and shirts. I got my Jelly Belly Beans – just as well, or there’d have been ‘words’ spoken!

And I a new spice rack which I have been after for a long time. Our cupboards are full of powders, crushed leaves and assorted salts. The spice rack came with a full compliment of bottles, though, so it’s actually given an extra problem, rather than fixing the old one – what the hell do I do with Marjoram, Thyme and Rosemary anyway?! 

Really, this is a nice problem to have – I quite like cooking, and I also quite like experimenting – my new rack means I can do both at the same time! Anyone fancy coming round for dinner?


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