419 Scam

In the last couple of weeks Nigeria’s famous 419 scammers have discovered Opera, opening up accounts and sending out their emails. You must have seen one before….

I need your co_operation to receive my inheritance money through your account. my word is my bond and my agitations are real . My late father happens to be in control of a large number of farms including cattles and many sheep before he was poisioned by his foreign business partners in Paris with my mother in one of their farmers association meeting because of greed. But before his death my late father deposited some amount of money outside our country in bank at the tone of Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($12,500.000.00. )

This guy must be desperate. Normally it takes a few messages before they start demanding your bank account numbers, but in the first letter…

All I needed from you now is your Bank detials with your full names and address including your direct and personal telephone number for easy communication as you know that this transaction is a very confidential one.

And as all good scam letters go, it finishes with blessings from God etc blah blah. It’s unbelievable just how many dumb Americans and Europeans fall for this every year, handing out account numbers, and then acting all surprised when their account is emptied of every last penny. You can fight back though…


A website called 419Eater have their own scam going, baiting the dumber of the Nigerians into posing for photos, in the belief they are going to get money at the end of it all. I’m seriously tempted to do a little baiting of my own, seeing as I am a little evil!



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