The elusive photo…

I bought my Fuji V10 digital camera because it’s nice and small and I could carry it around with me everyday. I have a Nikon 8700, but it was just too big to drag around everywhere. Which was a shame, because I was always coming across great photo opportunities – dead bodies, car crashes, burning buildings. You know, the usual morbid stuff…

But every since I got my Fuji? Nothing! Nothing ever happens anymore. Not so much as a severed limb. Nada. Very disappointing…

Until Monday, when a huge plume of smoke rose up from Six Flags, while I was giving a class from a birdseye position half way up an office block. Huge plume of smoke! Definitely not a cloud! I think… Sadly, there was nothing on the news. No rollercoaster crash. So my photo is a mystery rather than a scoop. Oh well…


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