Nothing is ever perfect…

Opera is the best browser available – in my opinion. But if only it had a few vital features. The ability to use RealPlayer to download videos. Better integration with Web 2.0 sites. And the ability to add the occasional toolbar. I have the Boost toolbar for Facebook (which I think more of every day) which lets me not only access my account, but skin it too.

Microsoft seems intent on catching up on its rivals with a range of new ideas in its Beta range. But if it wants to catch up, it has got to stop locking out users of other products. I’m not going to change to IE just to make use of its new SkyDrive Live online file sharing tool. It looks ok, although it’s got a long way to go if it wants to compete with other sharing tools, such as divShare. But they do have one program in beta that I’m learning to love…Windows Live Writer. It’s a blog manager, and has lots of very cool plugin ins. What’s more, because it’s a stand alone product, you don’t get tied into any of Microsoft’s other services. Except maybe Net 2.0, but that’s a little different.

But there is something for me to look forward to. I’ve been a Medal of Honor addict since my having it on my original Playstation. The online multiplayer PC versions were even more addictive, and now the latest version is about to be released – MoH Airborne.


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