Doom and Gloom

I dunno, things just don’t go to plan sometimes! And sometimes they keep not going to plan. Friday I find a Black Widow in the yard, the boiler blew up, and the resultant water leak soaked my cigarettes.

Saturday I had to go to a boring First Communion and on Sunday Paola convinced me to go and see a movie ‘from my country’ – and if I was from Denmark she’d have been right. Monday I travelled all the way to collect my pay for March and April from the school that I posted about a while back – yes I’m still waiting! No they didn’t manage to pay me the full amount. Yes, the cheques they gave me bounced.

The Sky guy still hasn’t turned up to install it, missing his fifth appointment today. The new boiler is installed, but low gas pressure means it isn’t working properly. And today my laptop’s failing harddrive decided enough was enough for Partion D and made it disappear along with all my photos.

Then Guinness Book of Wankers sent me an email to tell me that they won’t approve my proposal for a new World Record for travelling the Mexico City Metro in the shortest time possible – they only recognise New York and London. Boring bastards. I might just do it anyway.

And just to top it off the remnants of Hurricane Dean, although missing Mexico City in the end, is dumping a ton of rain here. Oh, and as I wrote this we just had a small earthquake…

I should just get myself a sandwich board, paint “The End is Nigh” on it and start walking the streets….


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