Facebook Apps – Top 10

I’ve raved about Facebook a couple of times before, and seeing as my user experience just gets better and better I’m jolly well gonna rave about it again! If you haven’t given it a go yet, then perhaps you should. There are so many applications you can add – there’s something for everyone. Some of them are really crap (boy, if anyone Ninjas me, or Pirates me one more time…), others are a little fun, but a few have become must haves. Todays fave is ‘Compare People’. There’s a load of ‘How alike are you’ apps which give percentage scores, but this is a more direct face off. Much more interesting!



So apparantly I beat allcomers when it comes to being well mannered, funny, useful, nice and artistic – it has to be said no one can draw in snow with their own wee like I can! I won 2 of 3 when it comes to smelling nice. Jeez, how much do those two smoke?! I get through a pack a day!! But what makes me laugh is that someone out there, believes they know someone who is more likely to skip class than me. Yeah, right…! But anyway, my Top 10 must have apps? Calendar, Zoho Online Office, DivShare, Compare Me, Picnik, Video, Skype Me, Music Videos (Yahoo), Delicious, Feed Invasion, Premier League Picks. Was that 11? I told you it was good…



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