Enough is enough

This week, or last – I’m not entirely sure, Mexico’s mint brought out a new 20 peso bank note. Very pretty, init! The back features drawings of Monte Alban, one of my Mexican 7 Wonders candidates. The problem with money in this country sometimes though, is getting people to part with it. You almost have to put a gun to their head….maybe this explains the high number of robberies?! Of course, most people are perfectly honest, but there are a few more who are problematic than back in the UK. And not because they can’t can’t afford to part with the cash per se. It’s more of an issue of delaying and chaotic administration.

I had to quit a job last week, because the school I worked for just couldn’t quite understand that not paying a 4 or 5 month overdue salary wasn’t acceptable. It went overdue by a couple of months because I couldn’t sign the contract – my documents were with lawyers for my FM3. But it should have been paid at the beginning of July. Come the end of August and a long series of emails, missed appointments, rejected cheques, part payments, excuses and general nonsense – adios! You have to draw a line somewhere. I drew mine, and now they need a new teacher. I’ve lost about MXN$1,500, but to be honest it was worth it to lose the stress and time wasting.



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