My Metro Record Attempt

So…Guinness World Records decided to be boring bastards and refuse to recognise my world record attempt on the Mexico City Network. Well, screw them, I’ve done myself a blog and I’ll jolly well declare myself the Official World Record holder! And of course have a fun/bizarre (delete as applicable) day out. I hope to encourage one or two people to join me – free English practise for my students! 😆

Actually, the reason I decided to do it anyway is down to a story I read. I had kinda thought of making it a sponsored event before the GWR people turned into boring gits. I don’t expect to raise an awful lot of money – US$100 would do fine and help save a few turtle nests I’m sure.

From Reuters: Mexican police have seized tens of thousands of eggs of endangered turtles from a group of smugglers in the southern state of Oaxaca, where the eggs are a delicacy believed to have aphrodisiac powers.Police arrested six people when a search at a police roadblock near a Oaxacan beach turned up 57,000 Olive Ridley turtle eggs, the government said in a statement on Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley turtles have landed on the state’s Pacific beaches in recent days, part of an annual egg-laying migration.The eggs are a traditional part of the diet on Oaxaca’s sweltering coastal plains, where markets openly display them alongside turtle meat, despite laws prohibiting their sale. Turtle products are valued for their flavor and many people believe the eggs have aphrodisiac properties.

Poor turtles. So feel free to sponsor me! I’ll be doing it at the end of September – you’ve all got US$5 to spare at least!!! Want to know more before you part with your cash? Want to know how to sponsr me? Well as I said, I’ve done a blog – the Mexican Metro Marathon. You can always link to the blog as well and encourage your own readers to donate, if you would like to. And assuming you trust me…there are some dodgy scams on the web, you know!


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