Bob and Homer’s Birthday

Staggering to believe that any animal left entirely in my care would live for 2 years, but it’s true. Bob and Homer are now two, with Baby, Angus and Mr Patel soon to follow. No idea how old Rosita is because we adopted her, but Angel will have to wait till Feb 14th next year for her 2nd. Seems only fitting to do a post to not only remind people that my turtles are still alive, but prompt you all to sponsor me on my Metro Marathon! Come on, look into Bob’s eyes and tell him you can’t even spare US$2!!!! 🙂

But anyway, to help them celebrate I gave their inflatable pond a good clean, and treated them to Tortugeta sticks and dried shrimp. Ok, they get that most nights, so I gave them a tiny iddy biddy bit of chicken. They do love their meat…


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