Cold War 2?

Things are hotting up again (or should I say cooling down?) between Russia and Britain, after nearly 20 years of being really pretty chummy. Britain is providing asylum to people regarded as terrorists and criminal by Moscow. The FSB has possibly assassinated a dissident in London, the UK Foreign Office started a round of diplomatic explusions – not a game of happy families anymore, indeed! And now Russia is ‘flexing’ it’s military might once more, sending bombers along the old Cold War routes, skirting British airspace. They are of course immediately accompanied by RAF fighters, just to let them know they can’t get too close…

Of course, it’s all just a game. Even more so than it was in the Cold War proper, given that the Tu 95 is a 50 year old design, probably built a good 20 years ago – and is being shadowed by a state of the art British fighter armed to the teeth with cutting edge missile and tracking technology….good luck Mr Bear! 🙂 It’s a cool photo though.



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