Chess, Fotos and Ice

Lots to do and see this month in Mexico City. The World Chess Championship is being hosted in the city for the first time, and apparantly it is the strongest chess tournament ever! Woo hoo! Ok, not so exciting. I like to play the odd game, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch it. Not exactly the most riveting spectator sport.


More up my street are the numerous photography exhibitions being hosted as part of Fotoseptiembre. I haven’t quite worked out where the best ones to see are yet, but I shall be looking into it, and of course blogging the visits as I go along. With photos of my own of course. Gotta renew my Flickr subscription though…


There are also plans afoot by the city to keep me entertained in December too – they are going to build an ice rink in the Zocalo. This does raise a few questions regards the city’s ‘Green’ policy. The recent Consulta Verde was aimed at tackling pollution, and to set an example to the people…! I know December will be cold. But that’s relative…cold in DF is summer in most other parts of the world. It’s gonna cost a fortune in funds and fossils to keep a patch of ice frozen in the middle of the square. But the biggest problem might not be the pollutants it causes to be thrown into the atmosphere, but the pollutants already there – how are they going to keep the ice white?!?! I have confidence in them, I’m sure they have a plan!



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