TEFL’ing, The Net, My New Blog

How to use the net to help my students? And to waste a bit more time on my PC? Well, I’ve come across one excellent little application – 1 Click Answers. It does what it’s name suggests – you click on a word and you get an answer. Very helpful if your first language isn’t English, and it just gets more helpful. The dictionary term is opened in a small window, but if that doesn’t help you can always click on Read More then Translations and hey presto, it’ll translate it into a dozen or more languages.

So why not do a whole new blog, just with reading material of interest (hopefully) to my students? And so I did. A logical extension of my English DF website, aptly named English DF – The Blog. I’m forever coming across industry related stories that I think I should forward to various students. And I’m often promising to send links to them during class, when I remember a good one. And yet I never quite remember…



I’m still using Windows Live Writer, the third Beta of which came out the other day. A brilliant program that gets better and better, and has a handy little Blog It extension for Firefox (yes, I’ve been a traitor and switched from Opera, but that’s another story) which enables me to send a story to my blog (or the link and first paragraph anyway) with just two clicks.



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