Turtle Month

In three weeks time today I will do my slightly crazy Mexican Metro Marathon, and raise some money for Mexico’s Sea Turtles. So I thought I’d do a series of posts to show exactly what needs saving, how they can be saved, who they can be saved by and also a little fun – the Turtle Day Parade next Sunday and the Grand Turtle Derby 2007 on Sunday 23rd September. I’m sure you can’t wait to find out what that entails…

So far I have raised at least $120 including a couple of pledges not yet committed, but I know I’ll get them (yup, that’s you, Ma!) So I reckon I can up my initial target of $100 to $200. Feel free to go on over to my MetroMarathon blog, find the Pledge page and leave a comment with how much you want to sponsor me for. Of course, I can well understand that most people are too dubious and too skint to be pledging any grandiose amounts to some blog belonging to a person they’ve never met! So that’s where the Turtle Parade and Derby will come in, to try and squeeze a little bit out of the doubters in exchange for a laugh. Well, sort of…



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