How can you help turtles survive?


1) Healthy Eating.

Do not consume sea turtle products and denounce their consumption If you live in Mexico, there is a phone number to report the illegal trade of sea turtle products to the environmental ministry enforcement. The more denouncements authorities receive, the better they will be able to perform their job. In Mexico call: 01800-7703372. If you live outside of Mexico contact your local authority for environment related denouncements.

2) Ecotourism

Support sea turtle camps There are many non-profit organizations and volunteers that protect sea turtle nests on the beach. They perform vigilance activities at night – when most sea turtles come out of the water to lay eggs- and collect the eggs in hatcheries designed to keep poachers from stealing them. Once sea turtles are born, people release and protect them from predators on their way to the ocean. These turtle camps usually lack enough funding to perform their activities. Therefore, it is important that you support them with contributions in cash or in kind (gasoline vouchers, lamps, staples), with volunteer work, promoting their activities, or simply visiting them. By offering ecotourism services, the surrounding communities can generate valuable income that motivates them to preserve sea turtles. Sea turtles are worth more alive than dead! At WiLDCOAST we work with an extensive network of sea turtle camps. Click on the following link to obtain more information on how you can visit and support them.

3) Do not litter!

Help organize beach clean-ups Please do not litter. Even though you live in a city far from the ocean, remember that everything we dispose of will eventually reach the ocean through rivers and water canals. Trash can be deadly for sea turtles and other marine species, which may confuse garbage with food and choke. If you go to the beach, pick up the garbage you find. Every time you do it, remember that you may be saving an animal and that you are helping so that we can all enjoy cleaner and healthier beaches. Do not release balloons in the air. When these balloons pop, they come down into the ocean, seriously threatening sea turtles, that can easily confuse them with jellyfish, their favorite meal, and choke to death.



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