Turtles in danger; Dangerous turtles

The World Conservation Union has published it’s Red List 2007, detailing all the endangered species of animal on the planet. The headlines are made by Ebola ravaged Gorillas and the now extinct Yangtze River Dolphin, but needless to say there are turtles there too. Things haven’t improved much for the poor little critters. And very sadly, two of Mexico’s own freshwater turtles, the Ornate Slider (pictured below) and the Cuatro Cienegas Slider have found themselves in trouble.


I came across another website today, The Humane Society of the United States, which had an article on the dangers of keeping turtles as pets. The main culprit being the Red Eared Slider, of which I have seven!

Kids and baby turtles may seem a harmless combination, until one considers that this union was the main cause of more than a quarter million cases of reptile-associated salmonellosis, primarily in children, that occurred annually during the 1970s when the pet turtle craze was at its peak.



I’ve done my homework, and stopped licking my turtles shells a long time ago! I hadn’t realised it had once been such a big problem though.



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