Donate Direct to Wildcoast

I’ve passed the $100 dollar target I set myself, so a few turtles will avoid ending up in a soup bowl. But no need for me to stop there! Every buck counts. Or pound. Or peso. Whatever it is where you come from. But I know that most people who visit my blog won’t know me personally, and are probably gonna be a bit wary about sending cash to a stranger! A strange stranger at that….



I have a solution! Donate to Wildcoast directly through their website, and if you feel so inclined you can then send me a message or comment on this post – I’ll add the amount to my total as an indirect sponsorship.


Click here to go to Wildcoast’s Donation Page

Tomorrow I will post to reveal all about the Grand Turtle Derby! If that doesn’t get a dollar outta your wallet, nothing will!


One thought on “Donate Direct to Wildcoast

  1. Hey Gary,

    Thank you for your support. Please let me know the list of people that you have recieved your donation from. I am the Development Manager at WiLDCOAST and we would love to thank them for their support.

    Sam Shah
    Development Manager


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