The Turtle Derby 2007

The event you have all been waiting for! All two of you. Maybe. That many? Well, I do have a bit of an obsession for all things turtley, and this amuses me, so that’s good enough! The date – Friday 28th September. The place – my backyard. Seven fighting fit (well, some are fighting the flab it must be said!) will race across a stretch of patio about 2 metres long. It might not be a long distance, but anything could happen, and they’re all in with a shout of becoming the Turtle Derby Champion of 2007. What direction will they go in? Will they move at all? Or will they rush to the nearest hiding place and wait it out? All will be revealed in 8 days time! It will be video-ed of course, and ready to view on my blog by the end of the afternoon. The theme tune has been chosen. The excitement can be cut with a knife! One of those flimsy plastic ones they give you on airplanes to eat with….

There are seven runners – who do you fancy cheering on? Pick a turtle and cross your fingers! And if you want to be really supportive, this is your chance to back a turtle with cash, and Donate Direct to Wildcoast. Go on, you know you want to! Just $5 will do! Of course, you can still pick a turtle to win without donating!

Joint Favourite @ 5/1 – Rosita and Bob

Bob is a bit of a lumberer, given his size, but he isn’t shy and will be straight out of the blocks! Rosita on the other hand can be shy, but if she gets going she is the quickest across the ground!

7/1 – Angel and Baby

Angel is almost as speedy as Rosita, but she does have a tendancy to go off in random directions. Baby, like Bob, is a bold little turt and will be straight off. She does like to go into the kitchen as well, which is in the right direction!

10/1 – Mr Patel

Patel is another speed demon, but his starting technique – hiding in his shell – is a worry!

12/1 – Homer

A bit slow, a bit inclinded to wander about in circles…but he will get going, so he isn’t a write off!

16/1 – Angus

Fat boy Angus is the biggest and slowest of the bunch. But you just never know – if he gets it into his head to stroll in a straight line, and the others zoom off randomly, this is one little dark horse that could being the bacon home! Or should that be tuna?



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