The 2007 Grand Turtle Derby

The Turtle Derby has been won, run and recorded. Ok, so this is the flimsiest possible excuse to play with my camera, but what the hell. And I bodged it a little…I forgot to add a few bits of text and the music goes on for a minute after the end of the video, but what the hell. There’s only so much effort I’m prepared to put into this!

So, the race. It was simple. While I was cleaning their outdoor pool, I put them all into the aquarium, which happened to be on it’s side. Their task? Leave the aquarium and walk in a straight line about 1 and a half metres across the patio to the yellow painted path. Go under or over the green hose which is currently filling the pool with clean water.

Easy huh. Leave aquarium….walk in straight line. Don’t go round the back of the tank. Don’t climb into the garden bed. Dont just sit there staring into space. Don’t go hide under a plant. Just walk in a straight line…. :faint:

Now, just in case you didn’t get what happened….

First Place – Bob
Second Place – Angus
Third Place – Rosita

Did Not Finish – Baby, Homer, Angel

Disqualified – Mr Patel

Sad, but true, Patel had to be disqualified for infringing rules. Admittedly I made the rules up as I went along, but climbing over rocks into the garden bed just isn’t on. Poor Baby – So nearly won, but at the finish line decided to turn around and explore some more. Angus must have lapped the patio about 10 times before deciding he wanted to see if he could get in the kitchen, which took him across the line.

So there you have it….Bob wins the 1st (and last?) annual Turtle Derby. 🙂


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