Mexican Metro Marathon

So I managed to travel the entire Mexico City metro network in 10 hours and 11 minutes. I reckon it could be done a fair bit quicker. Sub 8 hours maybe. No cigarette breaks and stopping at Dominos to buy pizza slices. Starting and ending from different points. And running between trains. Oh, and no screwing up the route…I had to do a little bit of extra travelling because I discovered a flaw in my plan. Ooops…

Click here for Flickr photo set.

Was it fun? Well, it was ok. To be honest, I visited a lot of stations I hadn’t been to before, and some were more interesting than others. I had hoped they would all be a little more interesting. Some of the best ones I know of I wasn’t stopping at, so no photos. The Zocalo for instance has some great mock ups of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan. But there were a few stops with some cool artwork going on. If you like murals, Mexico City is one of the best places to come, and even the metro has it’s fair share.

Architecturally, San Lazaro was the most ‘out there’. One line comes right through the station in a tube, suspended in mid air, as in the top photo. Very cool. You might be wondering, did I really go through every station? Yep, and the image below has a photo of every end station, and every station I had to change trains. There were 27 changes in all, although you’ll find only 23 below – some I changed trains at more than once, so I’ve just put up one photo. If I wanted to cheat I could have just gone and taken multiple photos, so it’s all down to trust really. Oh, and I forgot to take a snap of the very last station, Universidad. The last damn one! I got so excited on arrival at the terminal, working out my total time (started 9.09am, finished at 7.20pm) that I  failed to notice the doors close and the train take off! Normally at a terminal they stop for a few minutes! Nevermind, I got a snap at Copilco, the second from last stop.


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