Franz Mayer: World Photo Exhibition

My evening class was cancelled today, so I went downtown with Paola to take advantage of a coupon we got with our Telmex bill. Half price for two to see the World Press Photos Exhibition at one of my favourite museums, the Franz Mayer. The exhibition had a number of pretty famous photos, including that of a burglar tied to a lamp post by a vigilante mob in Oaxaca. There was also a very famous photo of an American soldier, seriously wounded and disfigured in Iraq, on his wedding day. The bride’s face says it all. Of course, I took photos of a lot of the photos!

Click here for Flickr photo set

After the museum, we had lunch at Trevi’s, a cheap and cheerful Italian neon diner with great pizza, and then had a stroll down to the Zocalo, past the impressive Benito Juarez monument. I don’t know why I haven’t stopped to photograph this before. Maybe I have, and have just forgotten. I also got a few photos inside Belles Artes and Zocalo metro stations. I didn’t stop at either of them on my Metro Marathon, which is a shame, because they both have some good artwork – the Zocalo station also has several good mock ups of the city, both past and present.

Click here for Flickr photo set


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