The Doors in Mexico

A week or so ago was the 39th anniversary of a Tiannamne Square style massacre – the year was 1968, and Mexico City was about to host the Olympics. Sadly, the Mexican government took great exception to student protests centred around Tlatelolco square and sent in troops to ‘remove’ them. Hundreds were killed, but despite promises from Vicente Fox during his 2000 Presidential campaign to prosecute the officials responsible, no one has ever been convicted. If you should ever take a tour from a Mexico City hotel to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, chances are the bus will stop at a place called La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas (or something like that!) where you can see architecture from pre-colonial times, the colonial era and post colonial era. And the square.

Shortly after the massacre, the Mexican government decided students had become too liberal, and banned modern rock music. The Doors had a concert booked but were one of the first bands prevented from playing in the country. Maybe the first, I’m not 100% sure.

But good news! The Doors are returning at last! Well, what is left of them – obviously Jim Morrison is unlikely to make an appearance. But two other members of the band have carried on, using different names for their band. At the moment they are the ‘Riders On The Storm‘ and are booked to play at Auditorio Nacional on October 26th. I’ve listened to some tracks with their new vocalist, and he is actually pretty good. They are one of my favourite bands of all time, so I shall be booking a couple of tickets to see what they are like live.


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