News From Mexico

As an update to the story about Roberto Madrazo – following an investigation, he has now been disqualified from the Berlin marathon. No further proof was needed than to check the the data supplied by the electronic chip which all competitors carry, which showed he didn’t go through two checkpoints. The distance between the previous checkpoint he had passed and the final checkpoint (the finish line) is 9.30 miles, about 15,000 metres. Madrazo either has to admit he cheated, or stick to his claim that he ran this distance in just 21 minutes. The world record for this distance is 41 minutes. What an absolute idiot. If that wasn’t proof enough, have a look at the photo above. All the other competitors finished in tshirts and shorts, dripping sweat. He, at 55 years of age, breezes across the line in trousers, jacket and cap, fresh as a daisy. Beating his own personal best by about an hour. Really, truly and unbelievably dumb!

Other news – Taco Bell is returning to Mexico after a 15 year absense. They left last time because they discovered that the population here general prefers real tacos, not rubbish pretend tacos. I guess they are hoping that McDonalds, KFC and Burger King have since laid the groundwork to get Mexicans addicted to the taste of trashy fast food, and this time will succeed. Personally the only thing that could possibly be more dumb than a corporation determined not to learn from past mistakes, is the possibility that Mexicans will actually eat at Taco Bell.

And lastly – have I previously mentioned what a dangerous country Mexico is for journalists? Only Iraq is more dangerous. Another three have been killed, in Oaxaca, although whether it is due to the narcotics gangs I don’t know. Although it’s safe to say that the three decapitated and partially burned bodies found in Acapulco, a notorious battle ground for drugs gangs, was narco related.


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