Oops, he did it again…

I just can’t let this one go! Ex presidential candidate has come up with such a fantastic explanation for his ‘cheating’ at the Berlin Marathon!

The 55-year-old blamed political opponents for the furore surrounding the incident, which has seen him lampooned in his home country. In sport there are no short-cuts, there are personal challenges
Roberto Madrazo

Race officials looked into the case after a photographer noticed Mr Madrazo finishing the race wearing a jacket and long running tights but hardly sweating. They stripped him of his first-place title. But Mr Madrazo has insisted he did not cheat.

“I had to stop after 21km and I went directly to the finish line for my clothes and my medal for taking part,” Mr Madrazo said. “In sport there are no short-cuts, there are personal challenges….it is political. By doing this, they are seeking to throw mud on a sporting activity that I have practiced for many years and on my new social project,” Mr Madrazo said.

“My marathon times have been between three hours, 14 minutes and three hours, 54 minutes – never two hours and 40 minutes,” Mr Madrazo said. “It would be impossible for a 55-year-old man to do that.”

Fair enough, I guess. Except for one or two as yet unexplained issues! Why, having changed, did he put his runner number back on? Why did he run across the finish line celebrating? Why didn’t he mention his withdrawl to anyone? Hmmm…

A few years back, when caught overspending in a political campaign by tens of millions of dollars, he claimed to have been kidnapped, beaten and abused – to deflect attention. Except there was no record of his story to be found anywhere…


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