For any tech hungry early adopters who happen to stroll by here…I’ve found a new Instant Messenger that looks really promising. There are a multitude of IM clients out there now that link up all your IM accounts into one package. AirTalkr does the same but with something extra – Web 2.0 support. Twitter, Flickr, MySpace Blog RSS and YouTube all get into the client. Along with Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, GTalk and AOL messenger clients.

It is a Beta, so don’t expect perfection if you decide to give it a go. I have noticed a couple of slight annoyances – the icon in the taskbar and menu is blank, and it is resource hungry. Hopefully this will be resolved, and a few things added. I would like to see FaceBook included, and more tabs on the Flickr panel – view photos from my contacts for example. I had a look at Flock’s new beta browser recently, and it has some excellent social netwroking tools. But I don’t want to use Flock – maybe AirTalkr can put all those social netwroking gizmos in my messenger client.


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