Colours of Autumn

Every now and then people ask me if I miss the UK, or anything about it. Sure I do. Jaffa cakes, Fish and Chips and maybe clean air! But not that much really. Not that I don’t want to go back one day, but the good food and warm weather of Mexico City is keeping me happy! And the parties and celebrations here are much more fun – there’s always something going on! Okay, there’s Guy Fawkes night on November 5th, but even if it is a 400 year old tradition, it’s still a bit lame! The biggest news column it gets is usually when some kid attaches a large rocket to a cat and sends it shooting down some High Street.

But actually I do miss, just a little, the UK, this time of year. From October to the end of December the UK is pretty colourful. It starts with the leaves turning their shades of red, brown and yellow as Autumn starts, and finished with the dark December nights (and days!) lit up with Christmas bulbs and tinsel. And in between the red swathe of poppies for Remembrance Sunday. I’ve discovered through my hits counter that I have visitors from about 100 countries, and my students sometimes like some English language poetry, so I thought I’d post ‘In Flanders Fields’, written by a Canadian. This has nothing to do with Ned, of Simpsons fame – it’s a World War 1 poem, perhaps the most famous, that was written by a Canadian. The red poppy is the symbol for Remembrance Day, and is worn by most people with more poppies and poppy wreaths laid around the war memorials of every town.


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