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Trouble with TEFLing

A couple of months ago I posted a piece on the earnings of a TEFLer. So happy, I was, that October was set to be a record month – 17,000 pesos, provided that no one cancelled. Of course, people do cancel a class or two, and I did mention this. In theory, students are allowed to cancel up to 25% of their classes with no charge. After that, they have to pay for any missed classes that can’t be rearranged. I’m nice though, and I usually let an extra class go. I’m too nice…

The vast majority of my classes are at Lilly, which has pros and cons. The big pro is that it’s so close to home. The big con is that, with all my eggs in the Lilly basket, should anything go wrong, I am royally screwed. And in October, everything went wrong. Lilly had an audit team descend, which sent all my students into a class cancelling panic for two weeks. I also missed two classes at another company in the north of the city – the first time to collect my FM3, the second due to a bit of street food induced belly bother. And then there were the normal expected cancellations. As you can see from the chart above, my 17,000 peso record month didn’t quite pan out. In fact it turned out to be my worst month for ages. November has already taken a couple of hits, and with a public holiday on the 19th to celebrate Revolution Day, a couple more will go by the wayside. I can’t complain too much though. 10,000 pesos is enough, and Paola has a job now. If I can avoid any more cancellations this month, the 14,000 pesos I earn will be a good month. But it’s getting close to Christmas, which is always a bad one for income. Everyone will cancel for two or three weeks. I am currently working on persuading my Lilly peeps that two weeks is more than enough!

Tv hours are for travel time, not telly time!


2 thoughts on “Trouble with TEFLing

  1. Guy Courchesne says:

    It’s tough not having a fixed income, but you seem to be doing alright…well above the TEFLer average in this country.

    December will be down…way down. Hope you’ve planned for it.


  2. Gary Denness says:

    I’ve planned for December – I sent Paola out to work! Things should be alright. I’ll lose 2 to three weeks work I guess. the break will be nice though!


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