Aztec Rage

It’s not the first of Gary Jenning’s Aztec series of books I’ve read, but it is by far the best. So far, anyway. Only about a third of the way through. It’s fiction, but based on plenty of fact, and gives a great feel for what New Spain may have been like to live in. Inquisitions, silver mines and gachupines represent the Spanish colonial perspective, with the Mictlan, the ninth and lowest part of the Aztec version of hell waiting for those who sin… Set in the early 1800’s, several hundred years after Hernan Cortes had conquered the country and claimed it for Spain, it seems set to tell the story of Mexico’s break for independence. The main character has just bumped into the legendary Padre Hidalgo indeed!

Amazon.com: Aztec Blood (Aztec): Books: Gary Jennings

ISBN: 0812590988
ISBN-13: 9780812590982


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