No fumar? Ay caramba!

I’ve been sitting very smug for the last 6 months, lighting up cigarettes in bars, restaurants and elsewhere when my poor compatriots back in the UK have foud their favourite past time outlawed in all public places. And I did laugh the other day when I read something about Mexico winning an international award for it’s efforts in reducing smoking – tobacco advertising is still rampant here, and half of all adults puff regularly. I suppose you can’t buy cigs in pharmacies anymore though…

But today, horror of all horrors, something far more sinister has caught my eye…

A Mexican congressional committee approved on Wednesday a ban on smoking in public places, a first step toward prohibiting the lighting up of cigarettes and cigars in a country of heavy smokers.

Jose Antonio Munoz Serrano, the secretary of the health committee, said its members will meet again on Thursday to make minor tweaks to the nonsmoking bill which will then go to the full house for approval. It was not immediately clear what type of public places would be included in the ban.

Mexican bars, cantinas and restaurants allow smoking in designated areas. But the smoking rules are often disregarded. Smoking is prohibited in public offices, but government officials often ignore the law. Only recently have private office buildings started to ban smoking.


Still, there are a lot of laws in Mexico, and most of them are upheld on what seems to be a voluntary basis!


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