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I write blogs…you may have noticed I can churn out pretty vast quantities of pretty useless info, and all in a pretty short space in time. But I do also read blogs, and am occasionally inspired to repeat, rehash or otherwise twist something I’ve looked over. It’s pretty easy to keep track of hundreds of blogs…have you discovered RSS yet? There’s a million RSS readers out there, but the one built into Opera is my own reader of choice. I was reading P.M.P.I. today, which is an Opera based blog, and found a kindly reference to myself. Which inspired this post, to promote a few of the blogs I always read. Ed seems a bit down at the moment about his reader stats, so go visit his page!

There are, I think, some basic rules to a successful blog, all of which I break regularly. These rules apply to blogs I read anyway. Every post needs an eye catching title. If it provokes a bit of interest, I will read more to find out more. It needs to be short! By the time I’ve established what the post is about, I need to be at least a third of the way through it. I have a short attention span!

Other than PMPI I also check out Coxy’s Blog, This Guy Is Teaching Abroad and Mashable. Amongst many others. The first posts a lot of music and photography related stuff – I found out about Last.fm there. The second belongs to a Canadian who is also living and working in Mexico, just like me. Only, he’s been here a few years longer. And the third is tech and web. Possibly my favourite blog though is Deputy Dog. Regularly updated, it is purely a photo blog, also with something wacky. Definitely worth checking out.

Deputy Dog, the Photo Blog.


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