Ice Rink in the Square

Mexico’s slightly nutty mayor has come up with a new cunning plan to keep the inhabitants of Mexico City entertained. Next Saturday the Zocalo will disappear under a sheet of ice, as an outdoor rink is opened for the public. During the summer, it was fake beaches…but this beats that by a mile! I have a few queries though – it is pretty warm in Mexico City even during winter. Just how much energy will be needed to keep the ice solid. Or at least solid-ish. Can they keep it from slushing at all? It’ll be pretty embarrasing if they can’t! And how are they going to keep it looking icy white? There’s a fair bit of pollution that’ll be falling on it. Oh well. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I wonder if they’ll have any UK size 11 skates to rent out?

How the Zocalo normally looks. From one of my 2003 photos.


2 thoughts on “Ice Rink in the Square

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hola Gary,
    It may be a nutty idea, professor, but it provides a huge opportunity for growth and development of Mexico skatings sports, particularly the Olympic sport of speedskating. There in nothing organized re: the ice sport of speedskating within Mexico. In your native country, the UK, speedskating is still growing. ST is strong, but LT is still very undeveloped. Mexico currently has no ST team, and Mexico’s small LT team (officially, 2 skaters) is partaking in the exhibition for the purpose of promoting speedskating in Mexico. It’s an incredible opportunity to present the sport to thousands of people.

    Now,regarding technicalities of keeping that ice sheet (reasonably) pristine white and cold. The guys tell me it was good, hard ice – from a speedskaters standpoint – even though it was 70 degree temps yesterday. I am sure over the month, it will take its share of abuse as 100’s-1000’s jump on and give it a whirl. They do have a zamboni to take care of upkeep- shaving the ice and re-surfacing.

    We have posted more about the aspects of promoting skating sports at the following web pages:

    speedskate mexico:
    skatelog forum:

    Hope you are able to find that size 11 and go have a fun time!!


  2. Gary Denness says:

    Nutty ideas are sometimes good ones! I am tempted to say that with the number of people likely to be on the ice, no one will be going at any speed. But then people still manage to drive on the city’s roads at high speed, despite the number of cars, so you never know – Mexicans usually find a way of adapting!

    Thanks for the message and links – I will check them out. If I can find the right size boots, I will be there!


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