Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Yesterday I trawled the many stores in the Plaza de la Computacion looking for a battery for my Archos 440 media player. With no success. Not to be found in Mexico apparantly. I love my Archos, but with the battery so dead that a full charge lasts all of 5 seconds…I need a new player. Soon! I have a shortlist at the moment. A Creative Zen with a 2.5″ screen, FM radio, reasonably good video codec compatability comes in at $120. It also has a slot for an SD card, so the low amount of memory isn’t really an issue. Or there is a Samsung, with all the same features but with a 3″ touch screen and no SD slot. For $180. Lastly, I have been thinking about the Sony PSP. A comparatively giant 4.3″ screen, web access, games. I could live without the radio. And you could pick one up for just $170. Thing I’m wondering is…how easy is it to update the firmware to play games from a memory stick? Can I be bothered? Right now, I’d say the Creative is favourite, the Samsung second. Now I need to find someone who is going to the US soon and will bring me one back! Mexico sucks for electronics. Small range, high prices. No thanks.


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