Phuming at Philips

I bought a nice little 21" TV for our bedroom a couple of months ago. A Philips – nothing special, but at US$200, not a real cheapie. It had a nice picture, good sound and looked nice. You’ll notice the past tense I’m using. The first thing that went wrong was no fault of Philips. Paola dropped the remote control into her cup of tea. I know…don’t ask. It was a week old and is still a sore point. But after about 6 weeks, the TV turned itself off. I turned it back on…long delay, and after 5 seconds turned itself off. Six weeks old! And screwed already.

But what really irks me is that Philips won’t honour the 12 month guarantee because I lost the receipt. Now, I know I shouldn’t have lost the receipt. But seeing as it’s a reasonably new model and hit the shelves less than 12 months ago, so all these TV’s are still under guarantee….they could have honoured it if they wanted to. But just to add salt to my wounds, they have been so slow in sending the necessary part to the TV repair man. He’s had it for nearly a month, and is still waiting for a part. I know he’s not an official Philips repair centre, who wanted to charge a fortune just to look at it. I guess they know too…. Yep, I’ll be buying Philips again. Not.


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