Blog problems

I’ve had a formal written complaint about my blog! It doesn’t load very fast. In fact it loads very slow. I must confess it loads slow for me in Opera, although it works just fine in Flock and IE7. But I use Opera and so do a lot of my blog visitors, seeing as it is on the My.Opera network. So what to do? I have a feeling DivShare is mostly to blame. I host my images with them, and although I love the service generally, they do seem to be slow at getting images from my DivShare account to my Mexile blog. So adios DivShare, for now. Actually, they’ve put themselves up for sale which isn’t a good sign, so maybe this is a good time to move on.

Now I shall use Flickr to host my images. It’s just as convenient, should be a whole load quicker, and helps me get some value for money – I’ve recently paid for an extra two years subs! Hopefully, once the Flickr image posts are covering the whole of the front page, things will improve substantially. I’m also going to do a new blog design early in the new year, to slim down a few kilobytes and speed things up further.

Never been to my Flickr account? Here’s your chance! I have some pretty good photos over there even if I say so myself!


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