Godzilla v Ratatouille

The turtles just keep on growing, so they now have a new outdoor pool. Much bigger than the old one. In fact it’s so big it takes up most of the yard. Really, I should have checked out the dimensions on the box. Paola isn’t entirely pleased and tomorrow I have to fold it into a semi circle against a wall. It’ll still be more than big enough. It’s not the only new thing in the yard though. We have an unwelcome guest – a rat. The turts don’t stay out at night at the moment, because it’s too cold. So they haven’t met out new visitor. I have been wondering who would win.

They are both predators. Normally you’d say a rat, but both Bob and Angus are bigger than the rat. The battle would take place in water. And Bob is pretty aggressive, even when he really shouldn’t be. They don’t have teeth, but their beaks are made of pretty solid stuff – they crunch up calcium rocks that my hands struggle to break up. I’m going to say Bob would drown the rat. Because I have to stick up and cheer on my turt. I’m not going to put my theory to the test though – rat poison is on it’s way.


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