Past Tense Capello

Just recently I’ve posted about past tense pronunciation and Fabio Capello, the new England manager. And lo and behold, they’ve come together in unison to prove my point! Poor Fabio is being mocked by sections of the English press because he failed to pronounce ‘honoured’ correctly. But it really is difficult for non native speakers. Just in case you forgot, only words ending in a ‘t’ or ‘d’ (eg: start/found/distract) have the ‘id’ pronunciation in past tense. I always stress how important it is to master this, because a mistake sounds really, really strange! He has promised to learn the lingo within a month – which is extremely ambitious to say the least! The BBC has a good article on this.


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He even stumbled over the word honoured. Each question and answer during the rest of the FA press conference then went through an interpreter……He told newsmen: “I am very proud and honour-red to be the England manager.

The Sun

But Capello is a man not short on confidence and has promised he will be able to speak to the players in English within a month. It’s a brave claim for a man who suggested he was "hono-rayed" to be appointed and uses "well" incorrectly.


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