Murder most foul

Mexico is second only to Iraq when it comes to the number of journalists murdered, and with high profile musicians being added to the body count you’d think Mexico is a dangerous place to be. It is. If you’re involved in drugs. This is one of the most violent front lines in the world’s war on drugs, and not something you’d want to stick your nose into. I’m sure it makes the news now and then back in the UK, but the image for most is off sun kissed talcum powder beaches facing the turquoise Caribbean. What normal people see and think within Mexico, each and every day of the year, is something a little different.

I’ve scanned a copy of Prensa, one of Mexico’s papers to give you a taste of what I walk past on news stands every morning. I’ve pixellated the nasty bit – Iraq isn’t the only place people get beheaded, and it’s not something everyone would want to see. If you want to see the unadulterated image, you can click on the link below.

I’m not attempting to spread a negative vibe about Mexico, but as I live here and blog about here, I have both good and bad stuff to share. Just as anyone else, in any other country, would have to share. This is one of the bad sides of the country. There is a virtual war going on here, with no end in sight.


Click here to see original image.

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