Our Very Old Queen…

Queen Elizabeth II has just set a new record for UK/British/English monarchs – she is the oldest sovereign ever, passing the legendary Queen Victoria. At the grand old age of 81, she’s set to take a few more records in the coming years. Is there a need for a monarchy in this day and age? Frankly I don’t know how people can get terribly excited about either side of the debate. If we get rid of her, we’ll get a president, who’ll cost the taxpayer just as much. She doesn’t deserve her cash? Her and 99% of the people on the country’s rich list – what you gonna do, start a communist revolution? If nothing else she keeps history alive, and I like history. As a figurehead, she is undoubtedly a more prestigious, stable and continuous presence than any president would ever be. If you really hate her, and want to needle monarchists, console yourself with this thought – history will record her as the Queen who lost an empire.

  • At 81 she is the oldest monarch the UK/Britain/England has had.
  • However, she must must make it to 2012 to surpass Richard Cromwell as the longest lived person to ever rule England.
  • Having reigned for 55 years, only Henry III and Victoria have been on the throne longer.
  • She will overtake Henry III in 2008.
  • She will become the longest reigning monarch in 2015.
  • She is the 43rd= longest reigning monarch in world history.
  • She will need to live to 120 to overtake Egypt’s Pepi II Neferkare as the longest reigning monarch in world history.
  • If she lives to 100 she will take 5th place from Louis XIV, France’s and Europe’s longest reigning monarch.
  • She is currently queen of 16 independent states and territories, and 129,000,000 people.
  • She was queen of 32 states at one stage.
  • She was proclaimed Queen on Canada a day before she her British proclamation.
  • She is the only female royal to have ever actually served in the military.
  • She is not the Queen of England. There has been no such title for more than four hundred years.
  • Her official title in the UK is : Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


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