The Turtles New Pool

I mentioned a few days ago that my seven little green shelled amigos had a new pool to play in. A bargain it was…just 120 pesos from Wal-Mart. Kinda found out why. It’s cheap and crap. It’s a circular pool with stiff plastic sides that work with the weight of the water to keep upright. The plastic isn’t anywhere rigid enough! But…! Fear not, for I have a corner of the patio which supports the pool on three sides, and enough flower pots to keep the fourth side upright. It really looks quite nice, and you can barely see all the Disney crap on the outside!

The only downside is that it’s too big for me to reach in and pick the turtles up to bring them inside for the night, so I have to climb in and get my feet wet. And a bit cold. Such is life. There are more photos of the pool and turtles on my Flickr.


Click here for more photos on Flickr

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