Dear Santa…

This year I’ve been very good. Mostly. Apart from when I wasn’t, but hey, it’s Christmas. If we can’t overlook minor transgressions at this time of year, then what’s the point?! Anyhoo, I’ve got my list ready. Really I just want a couple of things….


I know I just bought a new camera only a few months ago, but it’s caused me a problem. My Fuji V10 was just meant to be a small pocket camera that I could carry around 24/7. I thought I’d use my much more sophisticated and higher spec Nikon 8700 for special occasions. This is….I don’t. The Fuji is too easy to carry around. It doesn’t take quite as good a photo as the Nikon. But good enough, most of the time. So now I want a camera that matches the Nikon in quality, but has the ease of use and compact size of the Fuji. The Panasonic Lumix TZ23 fits the bill perfectly. Not much in the way of manual controls, but it has a shopping 10x zoom, the 7.2 megapixels offer resolution a plenty, the lens is wideangle….it has a long list of impressive features that would bore you. I want one.


I want a mountain bike too. Paola is the one who really wants a bike, but if she is to have one, then I guess I’ll have to get one too. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. The Centro Historico is closed every Sunday to cars so that you can whizz around on your bike. I could ride it to Lilly for work too, which’ll save me time in rush hour. Ok, Santa isn’t going to bring me any of these things. I’m getting the bikes, hopefully, in a couple of weeks. The camera will have to wait a month or two!

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