Fiestas, Mariachis and Sleepless Nights

School is out, most people have finished work for a few days, and the party season is well underway! Which is nice. And a little annoying! Mariachis are great. Hire yourself a band and have them play at your home. Which is great. Our next door neighbours brought some back yesterday, and they were really very talented. Which was great. They arrived at 4.30am and played at full volume. Which perhaps wasn’t so great.


Their music inspired the family of crickets that live in our house to burst into song themselves, which added to the din. It’s not something you can sleep through, so we watched Hannibal Rising. The Silence of the Lambs is one of the best books I’ve ever read, but it’s really gone downhill since then. I remember reading the book…I looked forward to my hour and a half commute on the London Underground to my job in South Kensington and the film had its very cool posters up on the walls of every station. He should have retired there and then.

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