Merry Christmas!


This is, admittedly, a rather late Christmas greeting. But the last two days have been busy ones, full of shopping, eating and ,rather unfortunately, head colds. Such is life. Anyway we had a very Mexican Christmas, which starts on the evening of the 24th December. We went to Paola’s godparents in the north of the city, along with most of her family. The food is always good. There is turkey, but the main dishes are Bacalao (Norwegian cod, salted, exported, rehydrated, mixed with olives, spices and all sorts of stuff), Pierna (pork leg), Posada, Mole dishes, spaghetti and plenty more. We provided the fruit punch, hand made by Paola, and the Christmas cakes – hand bought by me from WalMart. I did take a bottle of Jack Daniels along too, so no accusations of me being tight this year, por favor!

We got home at about 4am, and returned the next afternoon at about 1pm to help finish off the leftovers. There is the tadition of the piñata too, of course. A papier mache container filled with sweets and suspended by a rope for the kids to beat with a bat until they get the goodies. They have piñatas for every event.

The turtles have also had a reasonable Christmas. Servings of lamb, camarones and a bit of ham to go with their main diet. And of course their indoor aquarium was appropriately decorated, although Angel (above) was a bit disappointed to find her stocking empty.


Anyway, a Merry Christmas to you all!


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