Skating in Mexico City

We made it at last, and got on the ice. With a little help from Senorita Fortuna! There is a system, involving collecting a wrist band from a stall outside the Cathedral, queuing and then getting in to pick up some skates and get on the white stuff. We didn’t understand any of this, and just tried to get straight in. And it worked! A couple of young helpers took pity on us, gave us a couple of wristbands they has spirited away and showed us in. Now this is Mexico, so we did what you do when you’re in Mexico and offer a little dinero, discreetly, as a gratuity. Technically this wouldn’t have been a mordida (‘little bite’ aka – a bribe) as we offered it after the help, not before. But believe it or not, they turned our cash down! What is happening in this city?!?! How will it survive without a little corruption to grease it’s wheels?


More photos on Flickr

More good news, if you’re a canoe footed foreigner – they have big boots! There won’t be many people taking to the ice with feet as big as mine. The only problem was, my feet are long but pretty slim, so no matter how tightly I tried to do the boots up, the left one kept slipping to the side. Which is kinda painful on the ankle after a few laps! Not as much pain as Paola got when she fell over and banged her knee, mind you! Neither of us were very much like ‘Torvill and Dean’ it has to be said, but it was good fun! If you’re in the city before they take the rink away, January 7th I believe, it’s worth a go. And it is totally, absolutely 100% free!

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